Timbre Is Embracing The Future

Labour crunch? This company is working it’s way around the problem. These “employees” need no minimum wage, no salary, no rest and doesn’t speak with an unfamiliar accent.

Yes – Timbre is set to employ hovering robots as wait staff as early as next year.



Well it looks like things might be heading in that direction with local bar and restaurant famed for their ridiculously flavourful pizzas and entertaining local bands, Timbre will be taking the step through the “wormhole” and into the future of the Food and Beverage business. If you haven’t been to Timbre, perhaps you should. They’ve already embraced the digital age in common fashion with iPad menus and mobile song dedication services, come end of 2015 they’ll have hover drones to serve you food as well.



Singaporean company Infinium Robotics had already made waves when they announced their hover waiters this year, even receiving a a grant of $250,000 from SPRING Singapore to pursue their indoor drone research. Drones have been utilised in outdoor settings for various tasks, including area mapping, aerial photography and videography, but the local company pushed boundaries by fitting a drone in an indoor setting which has a compromised space and tighter maneuverability. However they’ve equipped their drones with collision avoidance sensors and facial recognition programming to tackle such cramped quarters.



The drones will be great asset to Timbre and it’s staff, allowing for staff to be able to attend to more service oriented tasks such as explaining menus, attending to queries and feedback and overall providing a better service to their customers. It wouldn’t necessarily be seen as a robot taking over the job of a human being as the F&B business still requires a touch of humanity and thinking on the feet that we won’t see in robots at least for now. The robot drones will fly above head level and only descend when serving a dish, how this would work remains to be seen, but it does seem an exciting time for Timbre, F&B and the human race in general.

Check out the drone in action here:







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