About Time Police Stepped In?

Mobile Air shop belonging to infamous Jover Chew was raided by plain clothes officers recently.

After a month or so after recent events at Mobile Air in Sim Lim Square came to light, police have finally stepped in and taken any sort of evidence from the shop. The shop which was bought over by Mr Lee from Jover Chew recently had just open for business on Friday and Mr Lee has plans to change the name from Mobile Air to HJ Mobile.


Police dressed in plain clothes were in the shop for more than two hours seizing documents and various other items from the shop. Mr Lee confirmed that the police only took items that belonged to previous owner and none of those were his or from his new business.

It appears that the authorities have finally stepped in to take control of how such retailers decide to do business. It is unsure what course of action will follow Mobile Air or Jover Chew, but this show of force might be a deterrent to other owners and retailers who also conduct their businesses in similar practice to Jover Chew and his gang.


Why did it take so long for the police to step in, many will ask. Perhaps its the mountain of dubious paper work and black and white that customers of Mobile Air have unknowingly signed that have protected them for so long. Perhaps it wasn’t seen as a a major criminal offence or criminal in any way at all. Whatever it is, it’s a step in the right direction and should serve as a warning to customers and retailers alike.







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