Travelling in Style

You know the drill, walking through customs and you have to remove the passport cover from your passport when you scan your passport…why bother with passport covers anyways?

Norway is leading the world in minimal design, they’re revamping basic elements of their nation such as their currency and now their passport. When we think of Scandinavia or at least when I think of Scandinavia I think of Ikea, their ridiculous minimalist designs, trendy people in skinny jeans and of course vikings.





Ever since Norway announced plans to give their passports a makeover, many people around the world have announced their jealousy in public through social media. I mean, who’s blaming them these are some good looking documents. You definitely wouldn’t need a Louis Vuitton cover for them.





Their new passport transcends beyond the cover of the passport and into their inner leaflets too. Norway like most of Scandinavia has pretty breathtaking landscape, mountains, fjords, valleys and lakes. And according to Norwegian Designer Neue, his designs searches for that “essence of something”.




Well I for one wouldn’t mind a revamp of our passport, make it sleeker perhaps like how our third generation coins are. Maybe ours can have a 3D dancing Merlion or something…

And… this is how the damn thing looks UV coated:



Si beh nice right?








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