Will the odds be ever in their favour?


Protesters got arrested in Thailand just last week, for flashing the popular Hunger Games salute at their military-appointed Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Our local career protesters seem to have followed suit. Han Hui Hui and her friends mimicking the salute as they stand outside court.


Now, if Singapore is really as dystopian and autocratic as Han Hui Hui and her friends seem to think, they would probably have been arrested for flashing that sign already. While Han Hui Hui and her cohorts have been charged – for public nuisance during the YMCA event two months ago as well as organising a demonstration without approval – they still managed to walk free after displaying a sign that’s been largely thought to be a symbol of rebellion.

Or maybe they’re just showing their support for the new Hunger Games movie that’s out in theatres now.

The six of them, Han Hui Hui, Roy Ngerng, Low Wai Choo, Chua Siew Leng, Goh Aik Huat and Koh Yew Beng, were charged last month. Their pre-trial conference held yesterday (Monday, 24 November 14) has been adjorned to December 15.



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