Singapore’s Own “Tolkien” Breaks National Record

Jonathan Goh, an honours student at the University of Western Australia in Perth, broke records for penning a poem of more than 15,000 lines.

The young avid writer found his love for words at a young age, after he was unable to satisfy his craving for books that suited what he was looking for. He took to writing his own stories instead, a big fan of the fantasy genre, Jonathan began writing at a young age and hasn’t stopped.


His passion has been strongly supported by both his parents, in fact it was Jonathan’s mother whom submitted the poem into the national records. She wanted to surprise her son whom had been working on the poem for more than a year. His Poem titled “Eludoran: The Legend of Lorelei in A Geste of Grave Misconceptions” is as his passion, a work of fantasy inspired by an unfinished poem by world acclaimed fantasy author, J.R.R Tolkien.

Here’s an excerpt from Jonthan’s tale:


Jonathan’s fantasy is one that involves animal characters, something he personally is interested in. And the tale’s protagonist is that of a female animal princess wanting to prove to her father she is more than dainty and her journey sets to prove that. This isn’t Jonathan’s first recognition for his work, he has also won a regional competition set in Western Australia where he currently studies.







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