Young and Rich, So What?

After vomiting in a taxi, a young woman decided that it would be better to spew threats then offer to pay compensation for the mess…


Many of us, have felt sick in a cab at least one time or another. The reasons are plenty from honestly being ill, motion sickness, stress or most commonly from being drunk. A young woman, presumably drunk vomited in a taxi only to go on a tirade of insults and threats, from claiming to be a daughter of a “multi-millionaire construction or … whatever” (her actual words) to being proudly responsible for getting a number of taxi drivers fired.


It is not sure what escalated the situation from a quick “pai-seh uncle, never mind I give you extra” because that’s usually the “practice” isn’t it? The taxi driver could have said something to anger her or perhaps he wasn’t very polite. In the video however he seemed calm and didn’t raise his voice despite her insults.

The police were also apparently informed as she mentioned waiting for them to turn up before seeing what will happen. The video is spoken in a mixture of Mandarin and English, with the young woman going on a rant towards the end in clear audible English.

So does being rich give anybody the right to be a pest to society, or to act a fool under the influence of alcohol? She clearly wasn’t in the right frame of mind but she does seem to have a little air of entitlement about her.







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