Is $1000 a Month Enough to Survive?


Chee Soon Juan of the opposition Singapore Democratic Party questions the idea of living on $1000 a month.

Chee’s article: A New Vision For Singapore was published in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) pushing for a change in the socio-economic fabric of Singapore. Stating that the ruling party has governed Singapore by monetizing things that shouldn’t be, such as incentives when a population cull was needed and more incentives when a population boom is needed.



Chee also states that changes were needed for lay Singaporeans to yield more and for privately owned enterprises to surge forward, allowing for the lower income earners to see their wages grow at a steady rate instead of shrink as we produce more billionaire elites.

Hong Kong based consulate, Jacky Foo has come out in defence of Singapore’s system, calling Chee dishonest for claiming the the Singapore system has been a failure despite having affordable first class education and available healthcare to all income classes. Jacky Foo has also stated that wages have been growing in the last decade and although the system isn’t perfect it is dishonest for Chee to label it a failure.



Foo stated that while income inequality has increased in many countries, it is possible for a family to live and survive in a two room apartment on $1000 a month.

The debate led to the argument that it is impossible for Singaporeans to feed a family, put them through education, pay for their houses and travel to and fro from work all on $1000. Chee also stated that it would leave no room for retirement which cycles back to his commentary in the WSJ that Singaporeans would have to work in their elder years just to survive.



(Trolley workers have had their salaries increased from $500 to $1000, because of the Progressive Wage Model)









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