Ang Moh Strikes Again

We featured a guy named Archie Luxury who posted a video about Singaporean women not too long ago, now he’s back and with more to dish out.

As usual, the youtuber retains his nasty language with random expletives inserted almost every other sentence. Aside from his verbal colour, he has brought up a few points he seems to have gathered from spending a few weeks in Singapore.

The narrator Archie, seems to have a certain misconception about Singaporeans including the fact that we’re too stuck into material gains and bothered with our own success and drive that we wouldn’t stop to help someone who has collapsed on the train.

There are certain truths to certain things, that we are concerned with success and we do strive for individual rewards but I strongly believe we’re a country built on community and kinship, and we know how to value humanity more than money.

It’s also widely acclaimed that Singapore is for the rich, and that everything is “western priced” what that means I don’t know.

Form your opinions, do you think he has truth in what he says, or is this just pure gibberish from a man who knows too little to judge?

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