Australians Stand By Their Muslim Community

After the siege in Sydney many Muslims were fearing negative attention from their community, but Australians have banded together in a touching display of community spirit.

Banding together through social media, Australians have stood up for their Muslim community and assured them that they do not look at Islam in a negative light based on the actions of radicals. The hastag #illridewithyou has taken the social media world by storm and is not only trending in Australia but globally.


The hashtag was said to have come from an Australian lady Rachael Jacobs who was riding on a public train when she noticed a Muslim lady remove her religious head covering out of fear that she might be on the receiving end of negative attention. Rachael Jacobs took notice and ran after the lady asking her to put it back on and assured her by telling her she would walk with her.


Others have also taken to twitter in support of their Muslim neighbours and some have even posted their public transport routes and times to ensure that their Muslim counterparts feel safe from any kind of backlash. The motion has trended internationally with celebrities such as Russel Crowe an Australian tweeting the hashtag as well.


Muslims in Australia have come forward to express their gratitude that their non-Muslim neighbours have come out in full support and shown love and understanding despite the siege being linked to radical Islam movement. They’ve also expressed their concern and offered prayers to victims of the siege.


The hashtag is both smart and productive in the fight against terror, a fantastic demonstration of how humanity can triumph without the use of violence through ingenuity and sincerity.

Singapore has not had to go through such trying times in recent history, but it is of common belief that we as a community would be able to stand up against bigotry in similar fashion if ever need be.


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