Christmas Cheer For Toa Payoh Resident

Martin Silva who had previously been fined for putting up Christmas decor in public property outside his first floor flat in Toa Payoh has been given the green light to leave his decor up.

Wanting to spread Christmas cheer to his neighbours, Martin Silva a businessman decorated public property with festive lights and more only to be cited and fined for it. Despite the fines, Mr Silva has not relented or moved to take down the decorations instead the RC has agreed to let him keep the decorations up if he agrees to open the space for communal purposes.


The RC has informed surrounding neighbours that they would allow the decorations to stay up as part of a community project, which seems like a very fair decision as it benefits all parties and brings cheer to the neighbours as well as Mr Silva. The Town Council is responsible for ensuring that common areas are strictly kept for public use instead and that these areas are safe for all residents. However, Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC MP Mr Zainudin Nordin mentioned that if residents such as Mr Silva has good ideas to bond the community they should be encouraged.

Mr Silva whom has paid up to $1,800 in fines has decided not to contest or seek refunds since he has been allowed to keep the decorations up. Mr Silva is just happy that he has manged to keep the decorations up, his main intention being to bring the festive atmosphere to young children and elderly residents. He also stated that he wasn’t trying to be a renegade, and that in a fast paced society such as ours, it seems to him like we haven’t really had time to stop and celebrate the holidays properly.


Mr Silva’s neighbours haven’t had anything bad to say about his project and have come forward to show their support and encouragement for his efforts. Mr Silva has intentions to put in more money to ensure safety as well as to add more to the decorations but has no intention of seeking financial aid from the RC.

In all Mr Silva just wanted to wish his neighbours a Merry Christmas.


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