The Confuscious Of Train Captains

The face behind the voice in recent viral videos of friendly and sometimes sage advice on board SMRT trains has been revealed.

Tan Ming Hui would be the last person you’d expect to see behind the voice of the cheerful messages along the North South line much less the driving seat of an MRT train. Tan a Nanyang Polytechnic graduate aged 23 was revealed as the friendly train captain who gave messages of cheer and joy to his passengers in recent weeks.


He was pleasantly surprised when he found out about the internet sensation he had become through his friends. He said that he did not believe it at first but when he did actually see the video he was shocked. Tan revealed that his love for trains as a young boy led to him applying for a job as a train captain. And his passion for trains goes beyond the engine extending towards his passengers as well. With a quick wit and cheerful disposition, Tan has not only recently received recognition but plenty of positive feedback from passengers in the past.


His positive messages have given passengers a more pleasant ride and perhaps have shed a better light on SMRT as a whole. His employers are aware of his PA announcements, and Tan says that it coincides with SMRT’s service excellence training. Nobody is complaining about Tan’s announcements or worried that it’ll grow old soon as Tan has prepared specially crafted messages for every day of the week.



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