Couple Gets Steamy In RWS Jacuzzi

A couple got too comfortable in public at Resorts World Sentosa, stripping and having sex in a public Jacuzzi.

The couple were so engrossed in their act that they took no notice of the other guests in the vicinity. Although the jacuzzi was part of the couple’s villa it was still part of a larger pool open to other guests. The location wasn’t as private as they probably hoped it would’ve been, and they alarmed swimmers including some children. It was in fact the children who alerted Madam Lee to the incident.



The innocent children caught unawares passed a comment that the lady in the jacuzzi was missing the bottom part of her swim wear. The children aged between five and eleven years old were enjoying a swim in the pool at the time. Madam Lee was alerted by two of her children and their cousins and was shocked to discover that the couple were blatantly having sex with no regard for other guests, including the children. She alerted concierge of the resort where she was staying with her family and told the children to keep their eyes away from the couple.


The couple kept going at it until Madam Lee’s mother shouted at them. Madam Lee then rushed to get her mobile phone to take pictures of the couple. Despite being alerted by the shout of Madam Lee’s mother, the couple continued having sex until they noticed Madam Lee taking pictures of them.  Madam Lee said she could have excused their behaviour if there weren’t any children present but was angered that the couple decided to do it despite knowing there were minors around.


Resorts World Sentosa is currently looking into the matter.


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