Disappointment as SIA makes mistake in pricing




SIA made a computer fluke that led travel agents in Australia to sell Business Class tickets at the price of Economy Class tickets.

S$6615 tickets sold for as low as $3860 and hundreds of people have snapped up the deal. However, the airline has said that it will not absorb the price difference. Instead they will provide a refund, or sell the tickets as Economy seats instead.

“We have advised our travel agents of various options available to customers, including paying the difference to our lowest Business Class fare, travelling in Economy Class on the booked ticket, refunding the difference between the fare charged and our lead in Economy Class fares, or offering a full refund,” a spokesman for the airline said.

If you’re thinking about suing them for the price of the tickets, forget it. in 2005, the authority in Chwee Kin Keong and others v Digilandmall.com Pte Ltd says that you’re not going to win the case.


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