Ditching The Car

The next step in Singapore’s future is going to be a sustainable one and that includes finding alternative means of transport.

The government has talked about a sustainable blueprint that they’ll be working towards in the next 15 years, to decrease the amount of cars on the road before we reach a point of no return. We can take a look at countries around the world as perfect examples and compare them to our city state.


Looking at Bangkok Thailand, traffic is a nightmare despite having an established public train system that’s efficient. Compare that to Amsterdam Netherlands and you’ll find a huge amount of cyclists and systems that free up roads and make it cheaper and healthier for it’s citizens. And in essence, we Singaporeans are a combination of cultures a melting pot of east and west. This pretty much sums up the idea of the sustainable blueprint that the government is hoping to achieve.


There are plans for a trans island network of cycling paths and park connectors to encourage more Singaporeans to turn to bicycles as a viable source of transport. There are also plans to increase the fleet of the bus services to accommodate for more public transport users. The question is if we as Singaporeans will be able to deviate from the idea of owning a car. Cars are convenient, they’re expensive but they’re more comfortable and reliable than public transport. Despite that, we’re also a tiny nation with limited land, land that would be more valuable as residential plots than roads. As it is 12% of Singaporean soil are now roads as compared to 14% used as Residential buildings.



There have already been continuous plans to expand the train system and provide more MRT stations for Singaporeans to make travelling more convenient, but rush hour traffic can still be a hassle and a chore as compared to driving. Bicycles don’t offer ample protection from the elements and without proper roadways and cycle tracks can be an inconvenience to both cyclists and pedestrians. sussg4

Time will tell however if newer measures and implementations will be able to entice us towards that sustainable dream. It sounds nice and refreshing but it sure isn’t a small hill to climb.


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