Getting Naked For A Free Outfit

Spanish label Desigual held it’s first semi-naked campaign in Singapore with the first 100 undressed participants leaving with a brand new outfit from Desigual free of charge.


As Singaporeans we’re very attracted to sales, shopping campaigns and basically free stuff. So when Desigual announced it was going to hold it’s semi-naked campaign here in Singapore, you knew there would be no lack of turn out despite us being a relatively conservative bunch.


This isn’t Desigual’s first semi-naked campaign, the Spanish label has held ongoing campaigns in various parts of the world, with Singapore it’s second asian market after Tokyo Japan. The fashion label had to go through pretty strict restrictions in order to hold the event in Singapore, Desigual had to file for a lot of applications and ensure that nobody could see the naked crowd from outside the store. Quite a feat when you realise that they’re located on the ground floor of Orchard Central and have glass walls. They also gave complimentary bathrobes to the naked shoppers while they were in the queue, but all robes had to come off whilst in the shop.


As usual with such campaigns and events where it works on a first come first serve basis, many anticipated a long queue and some even began their campaign in the middle of the night. Apparently getting undressed isn’t as scary as missing out on a free outfit. The event was a rousing success with participants looking forward to the next semi-naked campaign.




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