Getting slapped by a monk

Taking public transport has it’s drawbacks from time to time, and that goes beyond Singapore.

A monk in Thailand was recently caught on camera slapping an English teacher who’s also a foreigner. What transpired is unclear but it seems natural to assume that the English teacher most likely did not give up his seat to the monk. In Thailand, there are priority seats just like they do in Singapore, and priority is given to monks whom are revered in the Buddhist nation. As the video only captured the slap and no build up to it, it’s difficult to draw conclusion, but it’s clear to see that there was a commotion before hand for the fellow commuter to whip out their phone and decide to record the events.

Priority seats can be a bane and a boon, in all aspects it encourages able bodied people to give up their seats to somebody who needs it more than them, but then again there are many factors to why a seemingly able bodied person is seated in the first place.

Take for example if a young man with a prosthetic leg that’s covered by long pants takes a seat because of the stress on his stump, would we jump to the conclusion that he’s undeserving of the priority seat? Or if you were feeling unwell and lightheaded, and there are no clear indications that you were feeling unwell, shouldn’t the priority seat be available to you as well?






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