Japan is running out of potatoes

french fries

Can you imagine eating fast food without the trusty serving of fries on the side? Fries have long since been paired with food food – heck, even most western food places locally – and it’s almost unthinkable to go without.

It might be a reality soon, for fast food lovers in Japan. Japan’s Mcdonalds are running low on potatoes, and are starting to ration how much fries each customer can buy.

While they still have fries on hand, Mcdonalds in Japan are only offering small-sized fries as disputes in USA have caused delays in potato shipments. While it usually only takes two weeks for shipments to reach Japan, the shipping time has doubled to at least four weeks.

Without the restrictions, the stores might completely run out of fries by the end of the month, or early January. However, while customers are only allowed to buy small-sized fries, there is no limit on the number of small-sized fries they are allowed to buy as yet.

Let’s hope that we have enough fries here in Singapore. Eating corn with fast food just doesn’t provide the same kick.







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