Jover Chew rears his head again.

Hello darkness my old friend, Jover Chew has emerged once again after weeks of laying low and once again raises his voice.

It seems the one time Mobile Air owner has yet to eat humble pie, after rearing his head in public again he decided to have a shouting match in old stomping ground Sim Lim Square before calling on authorities to assist him. Jover Chew was spotted by a few members of public and reporters with a few of his associates to move remaining items out of his previous shop.


Singapore’s villain of the year arrived at Sim Lim Square at about 2pm in the afternoon and entered his shop pulling the shutters down behind him to prevent anybody from spying at him. It seems the man who wasn’t shy about how he dealt with what he felt were errant customers appreciates the idea of privacy. Unfortunately for him reporters snapped pictures outside his shop despite the shutters.


Despite knowing that the reporters were only doing their job and having the shutters already rolled down, Jover Chew stepped out from behind his shield to confront the photographers. He insisted that the reporters stop taking photos of his shop and him resulting in a heated confrontation between both parties. The reporters refused and Jover Chew only got louder and louder, similar to intimidation tactics he deploys when he ran Mobile Air.


According to sources, it was at this point that Jover Chew went berserk trying to snatch at a photographers camera and threatening to smash the phone of another, it was unsure if the reporter had a warranty for his phone. Realising that he was not intimidating his way out of this, Jover Chew entered his shop and called for police assistance. An hour later Jover and his men were done packing up his shop and left the premises.


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