Keep Calm And Disregard Misleading Info About QZ8501

Amidst the noise from various reports about missing Air Asia aircraft QZ8501, there’ve been way too many reports from various news sources both credible and dodgy about what’s happening, where the plane is and so much speculation as to what could have happened.

It may be gossipy and a talking point but it is important that everyone keeps calm and leave speculation to the industry experts and rescuers that are doing their jobs. There have already been a couple of headlines floating around the internet with information about the missing jet, turning out to be false and damaging.

In the meanwhile, here’s some information about the missing Air Asia aircraft.

Source: Channel News Asia


Source: The Malay Mail


Straits Times

With so many affected by the sudden disappearance of the plane, it’s best to keep the noise at minimum so actual news and information can surface.

Keep the passengers and crew of QZ8501 in your prayers.


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