LTA’s new taxi app is pretty much useless


The Land Transport Authority (LTA) launched a new app to help people looking for taxis. The app allows the public to view all the available taxis nearby, but does not allow them to book through the app. They can post a “shout-out” to let drivers know of their presence though.

2014-12-17 14.26.58

The first thing I thought of was how depressing this is going to be. I live near a taxi radiophone station in Jurong, and there are always taxis available. I can walk out any time of the day, even at 4 in the morning, and there will be taxis.

They just somehow don’t want to take me as a passenger.

It’s a great move, really, since knowing if there are taxis available nearby means half the battles won already, but it doesn’t take into account that sometimes these taxi drivers just refuse to pick up any passengers. Without the booking function, it’s basically a treasure map – follow the app to find the booty. In this case, a taxi.

You can now see the hundreds of taxis plying the roads, and how none of them want to fetch you. Especially when it is near shift-changing hours.

2014-12-17 14.27.20

What LTA should do now is find a way to stop drivers from choosing their passengers or waiting for a call so that they can charge more. Worse, now they can tell that there are people in the area, and wait around for the calls to come in :(








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