As Many As Eight Cats Dead At A Pet Cafe

According to former employees of Cuddles Cafe, “Eight” is the toll of cat deaths for the pet cafe located at *SCAPE.

Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) is currently investigating the cafe and looking into the deaths of the cats as well as the training that staff get among other things. Owner, Mr Jonathan Tan has confirmed that there have been deaths in the cafe but has declined to give a number. He originally had 30 cats, out of the 30 he has had to keep 10 at home due to authorities placing a cap on the number of cats he could have at the shop.


Mr Tan claimed that the cats did not die from ill treatment, lack of professional training from staff or poor conditions but instead after undergoing sterilisation and suffering from feline infectious peritonitis. According to American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, feline infectious peritonitis is a disease caused by coronavirus that attacks the cells of the intestinal walls and has a high fatality rate of 95%. However Vets have stated that deaths from sterilisation are rare although cats can have their wounds become infected due to their grooming habits. It’s also stated that the disease feline infectious peritonitis isn’t as common found as before veterinary science was found.


Despite Mr Tan claming otherwise, former employees of Cuddles Cafe have spoke out claiming that no proper training was provided to any of the members of staff in handling or taking care of the felines.One former employee stated that the only form of training he got was from youtube videos of how to shower cats that owner Mr Tan showed him. The staff are also concerned for the welfare of the other cats still in the cafe as they were in constant contact with the cats that had died.


Mr Tan’s interim license from the AVA to display the cats in the cafe expires on the 17th of December but has yet to hear from authorities over a renewal.


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