Nasty letter to nurse: netizens fight back

We posted an letter yesterday about an unreasonable complaint towards a hospital nurse staff.

The letter from a “Cindy Ong”, read thus:

“Dear Editor,

Yesterday I found my mother crying after coming back from work, and she shared this letter with me. I was horrified and outraged that someone could write such a demeaning letter (See attached image).

My mother is a senior staff nurse at a local hospital in Singapore who simply loves what she does. But this letter really broke her heart. It was from a patient who had been admitted for less than a week and she had been verbally abusing my mother, calling her “stupid”, “idiot” and “b*tch”. Once, she even spat on her when the hospital food was not to her liking.

What offended me most was that Ms Siew Ling asked my mother to quit her job just because she is “old”. She may be 63 years old, but I do not think how well she does her job should be based on her age, as my mother has been in the nursing industry for more than 30 years and has garnered extensive experience during her service as a nurse.

This is a tough and thankless job and I hope that people would be more patient towards nurses.

Cindy Ong”

This is the letter Cindy received:



It struck a chord with readers from all over the internet.

I think we are well aware that workers are being bullied by members of the public. It is not just nurses, it is many, many other vocations.

Here are some comments from individuals on Facebook. I think we need to remind ourselves to value our workers, value our staff… as much as we value our customers.


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