NTUC Opens Members Only Retail Store

NTUC members will have exclusive use of a newly opened NTUC mega retail modeled after America’s Costco.


NTUC the supermarket franchise has recently opened a mega retail outlet what will be exclusive to members only, the new retail outlet dubbed Warehouse Club will sell items in larger than usual quantity at a discounted rate of up to 20 percent. Stocking more than 4000 products, the double storied warehouse will carry products ranging from groceries, fresh and frozen food, electronics, household goods and health and beauty products.


Modeled after Costco a mega retail franchise in the United States, NTUC has adopted a similar approach opening its doors to members only. Gerry Lee deputy chief executive of operations at NTUC FairPrice stated that the supermarket chain has been progressively introducing various retail formats to cater to the changing lifestyles of its customers.


Adding on, Gerry Lee also said NTUC is proud to bring another exciting new retail format that aims to provide out members with quality products at the best value, through large discounts with bulk buys, multi-packs and exclusive brands. These exclusive brands would include Costco’s Kirkland Signatures and green tea brand from Japan Ito En.



NTUC is predominantly the congress behind Singapore’s labour movement and unions. Fairprice and Income are their co-operatives, establishments run for the benefit and welfare of their members and workers.



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