No Remorse From Scam Artist

Once again it’s Jover Chew, and this time he makes headlines for blaming his employees, the media, you and me.

Jover Chew has blamed netizens for tarnishing his name, claiming that he won’t be able to set up shop anywhere anymore because of the attention he got for his actions. It isn’t known what sort of business Jover Chew would want to venture into next but he has pushed all responsibility for his actions aside and instead pinned the blame on employees for the way they mistreat customers and the online community for his misfortune.


The 32 year old claimed that the people behind the mistreatment of customers in his shop were his employees and not him, he went on to ask how netizens could push the blame to him when all he did was run the shop. However circulated videos have shown that he was clearly in the shop in those instances and even footage of him taunting customers. Despite such evidence, Jover Chew is adamant that he was unfairly punished and that he has been ganged up upon by the citizens of Singapore.


He has also been unable to sell the shop although it was initially reported that it had been taken over by a Ricky Lee. Netizens have banded together to dig up information on Ricky Lee who initially registered his business with ACRA, revealing that he had changed his name twice and had a history of bad debt. Jover Chew’s bad reputation did play a part in these series of incidents and has deterred anyone else from buying it over.


Jover Chew also blames the media for their coverage on Sim Lim Square, stating that recent exposes have affected not just his business but shops in the vicinity. When probed further if he was really concerned about the business wellbeing of others, he refused to respond.

It seems that Jover Chew is still piggish in the light of so much revelation and doesn’t like the harsh tactics netizens have used on him, it seems fair in a vigilante sense to be able to receive what one dishes out, Jover Chew clearly doesn’t think so.







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