Reservist Men To Have It Better

Mindef has announced that they’re planning to outsource menial tasks to free up more time for NSmen training.

Up till recent times, NSmen would have had to strip and wash down their vehicles and equipment for maintenance after an outfield exercise, those days seem to be over as Mindef will be outsourcing these tasks to private contractors.


This means no more washing armoured tanks when you go back for reservist or mount and dismantle equipment from vehicles for maintenance and cleaning. Reservist men will now be able to spend the time that has been freed up for “training and honing their combat skills”.


Outsourcing these tasks would also mean a more through job, and a faster turnover for vehicles required for training purposes. These private contractors are touted to be handling an average of 510 vehicles annually. Logistics tasks such as warehousing and stores will also be handed over to private contractors in the future.


These time-consuming tasks are meant to be stripped of the NSmen duties to help improve the quality of training that they’ll receive by allocating more time to combat duty instead.

If you’ve already completed all your cycles or are close to completion, you can take heart that your younger comrades and sons will be better trained to protect the nation.


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