“Running Sucks” blogger apologises for false accusation


If you have circulated that article about “cheating runners” at the StanChart Marathon, the article was incorrect and injurious to honest runners. StanChart has clarified that the route was deliberately shortened for laggards.


The page hosting the site has since been removed. The author is a photographer and runner, whom on the day of the event, set himself up at the 35km mark of a marathon to take pictures of the runners.

Observing that some runners had taken “short cuts”, he speculated that these people must have been cheating.

He wrote the article in his blog with such strong tone, even proclaiming that he was executing judgement in the form of “cyber bullying” against the alleged cheaters. He accused Standard Chartered of not enforcing rules during the run.


In a way he did succeed, press reports said one of the runners falsely accused was in tears and swore off the race ever again.

Standard Chartered released a report today explaining that  “…a number of diversion points were positioned along the marathon route. If any runners had not passed a diversion point by a specified time, they were diverted on to a shorter route towards the finish line. The diversion points were planned with the safety of runners in mind, as the closed roads had to be re-opened at a specific time in accordance with the requests of the authorities.

There is a reason why proper channels of complaint, process and investigation exist. Sometimes people jump too quickly to their own conclusions and perform all manner of antics on the readily available social media.

Many times, to their shock and horror, their accusations turn out to be false.

The embarrassed blogger had since apologised for his post

Read the rest of Standard Chartered’s announcement here: http://www.marathonsingapore.com/public-announcement-about-scms-2014-results/







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