Who Says Singaporeans Are Selfish?

The term “kiasu” is usually used to sum up Singaporeans, and for some the term really does stick but it shouldn’t be a reflection of all.

We used to come across as selfish or ignorant to the people around us, but times are changing and it seems we’re heading in a different direction. A direction where Singaporeans are more considerate, more involved with their community and a little more altruistic. We’ve seen Singaporeans band together to help strangers and we’re seeing more youths wanting to make a change to community.


Perhaps it has something to do with how each generation seems to have more to give as Singapore heads towards better times and we have less of a dog eat dog world out there aside from the corporate race getting more and more competitive. Despite fortune changing for more and more Singaporeans, we still have a community of needy and less fortunate who struggle to make ends meet and to pursue a path that might lead them out of their plight.


In the light of such struggle, lecturers from Nanyang Polytechnic have risen to the cause and will be doing so by taking part in a 42km Ekiden relay during the Standard Chartered Marathon. The six members of staff have already raised close to $9,000.00 for Mainly I Love Kids (MILK) Fund, which reaches out to disadvantaged youths and minors through the marathon’s Run for Good movement.


Such donations and funds have been put to good use, paying for course fees and material for the less privileged, enabling them to continue with their education creating an avenue for them to in turn contribute back to society and set them on their feet.


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  • yes Singaporeans are selfish, just ask any taxi driver, even amongst taxi drivers. Singapore is so economy driven,and business driven, it’s you die or I die mentality.

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