SGD $7.60 To Cross the Bridge

Malaysia has raised the toll fee for foreign registered vehicles entering from Singapore.

Beginning in the middle of next year, all Singaporean registered vehicles will be subjected to a $7.60 fee to enter Malaysia via the Causeway and the Second Link. Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi, the Malaysian Deputy Transport Minister has said that these plans are aligned with the announcement made by Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in July.

sgcway1The Causeway is used daily by almost half a million people each day, with many in Malaysia coming in to Singapore, and many in Singapore heading to Malaysia for business and other reasons. The increase in toll might spell a dwindling in Singaporeans venturing into our neighbours territory but at the same time ease traffic along both bridges.

The vehicle-entry-permit (VEP) was originally designed to be implemented earlier this year, but plans were pushed back as there were detailed preparations to be done, including installation of devices at both bridges. So travelling the causweway will now cost Singaporeans a good $13.10, five times more than it’s current standing fee.



Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi has also stated that borders between Thailand and Brunei will also be introducing the VEPs once systems have proved successful in Singapore.

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