The “Shoerack couple” spills the beans on migrant workers

Singapore’s famous “Shoerack” couple, Priveen and Gayathri, has something to tell Singaporeans about migrant workers.

After wondering who had given them a handmade shoerack, they realized that it was Raj, a migrant worker who had worked on their Yishun Greenwalk BTO.

Raj had wanted to thank them for the food and drinks they had bought for him and other workers.

Watch on to find what the “Shoerack” couple has to say.

“Hi I’m Priveen, and I’m Gayathri

And we’re married of course

We’re otherwise known as the ‘shoerack couple’

I’m sure you have seen pictures on STOMP

Anyway we’re here today just to share some thoughts from interacting with our brothers from India and China, all the foreign workers.

They shared some interesting things with us and one of the very encouraging things is Singaporeans are very welcoming of them. They see them working on projects and they walk up to them and give them drinks and food.

When they shared this with us we were pleasantly surprised and very happy that we have come to that level where we’re comfortable with them who have built our homes.

They build our homes, they build our hospitals, they build things that we Singaporeans can’t even imagine doing and they actually part with their families for years to do all these things for us.

And Gayathri was mentioning earlier on about how they come here and build schools that their kids will never go to, amazing roads that they’ll never see in their villages, or even homes that by their standards are huge and luxurious.

Having that in your hands and not being able to experience it is quite difficult, so really have some thought to what they do for us and what they contribute to our society.

Moving forward, I really don’t think we have an issue with them being here. And I think at the end of the day what we can do for them is, you don’t have to go out of your way, you see them and say hi. Smile at them. And they get very excited when we acknowledge them.

And I guess a lot of Singaporeans are also shy, and worried about what kind of reaction they give, but I assure you that they are really warm hearted people and just go ahead and say that hi and talk to them or whatever you feel is suitable, I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.

And if you see our Facebook page, we hosted them for dinner and they thanked us by doing a really cute dance.

So thank you migrant workers for making our homes, our city, our country such a beautiful place. We have a gorgeous home thanks to the migrant workers, we really appreciate that.”





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