Singapore, These Are Your Top Searches On Google For 2014

As the year draws to a close, Google has released it’s yearly search results and here are your top searches.


Quite a lot happened this year and some of us may have already forgotten some gripping moment sin 2014, but foremost on everyone’s mind was the mystery disappearance of Malaysia Airlines aircraft MH370. It seemd for a while MH370 was on everyones lips and fingertips too. The World Cup was held this year, and with the games being played at such wee hours in the morning it’s no surprise that it too ranked highly on the list of searches Singaporeans made this year. Not to forget a one Anton Casey who’s remarks left Singaporeans seeing red.











In local news, we saw the haze make a brief return this year as well as the unveiling of the new Sports Hub, but as a financial hub its no surprise that budgets and financial matters were at the forefront of Singaporean minds. Strangely enough Singapore taking on Italian football giants Juventus came in as a top search.



In International news, both Malaysian Airline disasters were top searches with our neighbours going through not one but two accidents in a span of months. And it seemed like the ice bucket challenge that went viral this year with youtubers and celebrities all partaking and donating to the charity for ALS got many of us looking up for more information about the disease. So who says viral videos are silly, they actually do spread awareness despite some in note who’ve done the challenge for the sake of doing so.



Nothing seems to have changed with song choices this year, hit movie Frozen’s Let It Go is still  a top search for Singaporeans. Anaconda by Nicki Minaj with it’s ridiculously styled video didn’t even come close to toppling the blizzard hit from Frozen.



There are more searches such as top recipes with many Singaporeans looking for the best possible way to grill their prawns, or make sambal chicken. Running events has seen a growing emergence, with a whole slew of running events, and Singaporeans have been pretty spoilt for choice as evidence from their Google searches.

Go see for yourself, reminisce, have a chuckle, or perhaps search through all the topics again.
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