Singaporean Kids Spend Nearly 10 Hours On Homework A Week

Spending 9.4 hours a week on homework, Singapore is third in a list of students who spend the most time on homework.

You might not remember how much time you spent on your homework back when you were a student, but students now seem to spend most of their time outside of school continuing the learning journey. Coming in third behind China whose students spend 13.8 hours a week and Russia whose students spend 9.7 hours, Singaporean students are one of the most hardworking world wide.


It seems that all this hard work has its rewards, with students spending more time on homework scoring higher results in the Pisa Mathematics test. The survey was taken by 510,000 students in Singapore, and were asked about their school environment, family background and attitude towards their subjects. It was found that students with a better socioeconomically advantaged backgrounds were more devoted to their homework.


Parents who were concerned about the overwhelming load their children had after school were addressed a couple of years ago, with teachers and schools placing emphasis on monitoring and coordinating the amount of homework students have to do. Some teachers have even given more after school assignments instead of homework to reduce the amount of stress at home.

Japan and South Korea were ranked surprisingly low, however it doesn’t necessarily mean that their students aren’t as hardworking. In their culture CRAM schools have taken over homework and students can spend long hours after school attending these classes in a bid for better results.


There isn’t a single sure fire way to success in education as all children have different learning patterns and are uniquely shaped to quantify information differently. However in a general consensus it seems that the hard work does pay off for these students.

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