Stuck In The Sentosa Express For An Hour

61 passengers were stuck on the monorail that connects Vivo City to Sentosa for more than an hour before rescue arrived.

A technical fault caused the Sentosa Express to stall for over an hour in the evening on Thursday night. The Monorail which connects the Island to Vivo City broke down just as it was nearing a station in Sentosa, passengers were trapped in the stationary pod for more than an hour and monorail services came to a halt.


The Sentosa Express resumed service today after Sentosa Leisure Management (SLM) issued this statement, “Initial investigations indicate a technical fault which resulted in a power outage, leading to the stalling of the train,”  said Mr Koh Piak Huat, Divisional Director, Operations, Sentosa Leisure Management. The stalled train that held the 61 passengers has since been sent for repairs and the monorail resuming its normal operations this morning.


SLM did try to rescue the stranded passengers immediately according to their standard procedures which involved sending a rescue train to pick up and ferry the passengers to the nearest station. However due to technical difficulties there was trouble in moving the rescue train as well. Leaving SLM with no alternative but to alert SCDF who arrived within eight minutes of the call.


Rescuers from SCDF set up a ladder to extricate the passengers with each passenger having to wear a helmet and be secured to a safety line as a safety measure. Taxi transportation was then provided for the 61 passengers to get them to their destinations.

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