Two New Species Of Snakes Found In Singapore

Nope it’s not the kind you can eat, so get back to work.

Researchers have identified two new species of snakes in Singapore, which is a good sign that despite our modern and urban developments we’ve still got a pretty decent natural Eco-system in place.


Both the snakes a blackwater mud-snake and a smooth slug snake are non poisonous, so they won’t be of threat to us or pets if you do come in contact with them. The blackwater mud snake is a two toned reptile, largely black with a brownish under belly and can grow up to about 40cm.


Very little is known about the blackwater mud snakes population size at it has managed to remain undiscovered for so long. The snake is also on the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature (ICUN) as there has been too little information on the species.


The other snake was found under different circumstances, as roadkill. The last time it was spotted was in 1978 in Mandai near the Singapore Zoo, but nobody knew if it was native. However based on the carcass, researchers have gathered enough evidence to say that it is.


So if you’re a snake or wildlife enthusiast you should be pretty happy.

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