Virtual Singapore, Macam The Matrix.

A $73 million 3D map of Singapore set to be available for use in 2017 to help with various functions from public use to community building and emergency relief.

The National Research Foundation unveiled plans for the 3D map as one the few projects under the Smart Nation vision. This 3D map will act as more than just a map, providing real time information and schematics of the island to various users. Depending on the user, the map will serve different functions be they research, planning or simply to be “kaypoh”.

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The 3D map is intended for use by the public, private and research sectors, allowing for anyone to locate facilities and amenities all over the island. It makes your recce trip for your cross country cycling trip a lot easier if you’re planning to keep with another of Singapore’s projects, the Sustainable Blueprint. Aside from planning trips and routes, the 3D map is interactive and offers real time data. Of course not everybody will have access to every piece of information, who knows what kind of devious minds might do with such valuable information. Public access will be limited to information we’ll need to know, such as how many parking lots each HDB building has, so you don’t have to drive in circles around a new neighbourhood when you visit your friends or relatives.

Screenshot 2014-12-02 15.04.27

Communities will be able to use the 3D map to plan for future amenities, finding the right distance, location and so on. There are nifty tools to the 3D map, such as finding out a volume of a block even with it’s weird angles and points, or finding out the material used to construct a particular facility. The possibilities for such a virtual world are endless and would help with planning and research by a mile.

Screenshot 2014-12-02 15.04.04

There are plans to push Virtual Singapore to tablets and handheld devices so that all Singaporeans can have access to it even on the go, making it easier for everyone to facilitate its services.



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