Wife Selling Flat For Husband’s Bond

Wife of a Singaporean man wanted by interpol and detained in Batam Indonesia for the last 50 days is looking to sell their flat to pay for legal fees for husband.

Unaware that he was on the Interpol list and wanted by the United States for breaching a US trade embargo against Iran, Mr Lim was arrested and detained when he landed in Batam Indonesia to attend a trade fair. He has been detained for 50 days despite not committing an offence in Indonesia.


Mr Lim was accused of acquiring 6000 radio frequency modules for export to Iran but was found by the Singapore High Court to have committed no wrongdoing as it isn’t an offence here. The United States had asked for his extradition in 2011, but Singapore did not comply as he was found to be innocent of breaching any laws in Singapore.


His arrest in Indonesia is the second since the first trial against him in 2011. Mr Lim was said to have fallen into depression leaving Mrs Lim to struggle to support the family ever since. Mrs Lim has also currently spent all her savings on legal fees and proceedings since her husband’s arrest and in a desperate attempt is trying to sell her three bedroom apartment to help set her husband free.


The Lims who have two daughters aged two and five are currently living with Mrs Lim’s parents while she has been travelling to and fro from Batam and Singapore every fortnight to visit her husband in detention. Her young daughters are unaware of their fathers plight and have been asking when he’ll return according to Mrs Lim.

The US Attorney General has requested for Indonesia to extradite Mr Lim. As the two countries do not have an extradition treaty Mr Lim’s detention was extended a further 30 days. Mrs Lim is hoping that the Singapore government will assist with her husband’s plight as he has already proved his innocence once.


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