27 Soldiers Kena Food Poisoning

27 soldiers suffered from Gastro-Intestinal Disease last Thursday in Clementi Camp.

The soldiers reported to the Medical Centre in Clementi Camp according to MINDEF and have since been discharged after all of them were declared to be in stable condition. All the affected soldiers have been given light duty following the affair.


The soldiers fell ill after consuming the daily fair from the cookhouse in camp and since the incident, SAF has taken it upon themselves to cease cookhouse operations to give it a thorough wipe down to prevent further spread of infection as well as to disinfect the entire area.


If you’ve been to NS you probably know that cleanliness is always enforced especially prior to booking out, from stand-by-beds and toilet checks to uniform inspections. So in light of the situation maybe drill sergeants can also make the cookhouse aunty stand-by-pot, have kitchen checks and apron inspections.


The food is free, it doesn’t taste that fantastic but the least it should do is not try to kill you

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