AirAsia Jet’s Engine Failure Leaves Passengers Scared

AirAsia flight 7633 experiences engine trouble while taxiing for take off.

After last weeks horrible disaster, AirAsia already had a lot on their plate. Recent reports that another of it’s jets experienced problems just before take off would give owner Tony Fernandes yet more to think about.


The AirAsia plane had been taxiing for two to three minutes in preperation for takeoff when a loud bang due to the sudden death of the engine. Further reports have shown that the auxiliary power unit which helps to start the engine had suddenly shut down. Passengers on board were terrified, with recent AirAsia disaster QZ8501 still fresh on everyone’s minds.


The pilot managed to bring the plane back to the gate where 120 passengers were told to disembark by crew on board the flight. A pilot then explained the situation to passengers as they waited for the plane to go through maintenance. After a routine check, the plane was given the go ahead for flight, but 90 percent of passengers had refused to reboard the plane in fear of further malfunction mid-flight. AirAsia refunded the passengers who did not get back onto the plane.


Tony Fernandes, owner of AirAsia has slammed the media in Malaysia and Indonesia for sensationalising the headlines and has stressed that the Bandung bound flight had no problems with it’s engine but was solely caused by the ground auxiliary power unit instead.

The plane managed to reach it’s intended destination and landed safely despite the initial troubles it faced.



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