Anti PAP Teenager Gets 15 Months Probation

18 year old David William Graaskov was sentenced to 15 months probation and 80 hours of community service.

Back when the incident first happened, the five teenagers might have been seen as “rebel heroes” making a stand with their anti-establishment messages by those who echoed similar feelings towards the government. However with the incidents of theft and trespassing it has quite clearly summed it up as a bunch of teenagers up to mischief.


Graaskov after further investigation was found guilty of two counts of trespassing and theft. Trespassing, the teenager was found guilty for breaking into Marina Bay Sands Suites and a construction site in Balestier. He was also held accountable for stealing four spray cans.


Aside from him, his accomplices will be awaiting their sentences tomorrow. Graaskov and his group had stolen spray cans from a lorry and had decided to spray anti-PAP sentiments on a rooftop in Toa Payoh. Graaskov however could not take part in the spraying as he had to catch the last bus home sparing him further punishment for his involvement.


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