Blogger Alex Au Found Guilty

An activist for gay rights and blogger, Alex Au has been found guilty of scandalising contempt.

Alex Au was taken to court over two articles he posted online that spoke against the judiciary system in Singapore. His posts were cited as unfair criticism and a potential risk to public undermining the judiciary system.


Au was found guilty for only one article with High Court Judge ruling that AGC had failed to find reasonable doubt that the post had scandalising contempt. Au had been found guilty for his first article titled, 377 Wheels Come Off Supreme Court’s Best Laid Plans which referred to two separate constitutional challenges against S377A criminialising sex between men.


His second article Au spoke about legal proceedings between a former Robinsons employee who felt forced to quit because of his sexual orientation. Au also stated that he wasn’t too optimistic about the result as his confidence in the judiciary was “as limp as a flag on a windless day”.


Au’s sentence for his first article in which he has been convicted will be given at a later date.

Meanwhile cries for the death of freedom of speech are heard around the nation. What really though is freedom of speech and has Alex Au spread his lack of confidence in Singapore’s Judiciary system to others?

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