Columbarium Plans Burning Residents Up

Sengkang residents aren’t too happy with construction of a temple with columbarium services within the area.

Young couples were in for a shock when they found out that the proposed temple under construction in close vicinity to their Build To Order flats includes a columbarium. A dialogue session was held for more than 400 potential homeowners, with Sengkang West MP, the temple’s developers, HDB and URA.


The potential owners were unhappy that they were not properly informed that the proposed temple would include a columbarium and were only aware that a temple was to be built. A disclaimer in brochures for the BTO was printed as a footnote according to authorities leaving many owner of the flats further unsatisfied.


Residents have voiced their concerns about the fine print and have made it clear that the fine print was misleading in a certain sense. Others are concerned about the value of their properties and that an Australian private company won the tender to run the temple.

Residents were mostly concerned that with the columbarium built, there would be funeral and cremation services at the temple. However, authorities have ensured that there will be none of these services, and the temple operators have also assured residents that there will be no open burning of incense and offerings. On top of that, they have also ensured that they will manage and road congestion during festive periods.


Despite the assurances from the authorities, many of the potential owners have filed for refunds which have been forwarded to HDB for consideration.

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