Curb on foreign workers to help locals

Blue-collar jobs are likely to be better paid in future, with fewer work-pass holders, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office Grace Fu.

This means that the income disparity between blue-collar jobs and higher-paying jobs will become lesser in future with the tightening of Singapore’s foreign-worker policies.

Ms Fu gave the example of how plumbers are the highest-paid workers over weekends in Australia. She said Singapore is going to be like that because it will no longer have so many work-pass holders to come in to do construction or plumbing jobs.


“So if you have skills like this, you’re going to demand better pay and that’s really the future of Singapore…What would be blue-collar jobs will get better pay,” said Ms Fu.

She also pointed out that the starting point of Singapore’s policies on foreign labour is the interest and benefit of Singaporeans.

For companies to continue to invest here and provide jobs and options for locals, Singapore has to be economically attractive and remain open, she said.

In addition, the Government is also helping to create more education opportunities for Singaporeans.

blue-collar worker

With initiatives such as SkillsFuture, the Government encourages students to pick up skills that are relevant to jobs and ensuring opportunities to upgrade along the way.

She added that if Singaporeans deepen their skills, they can become experts with well-paying jobs available in the market.






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