Drive Courteously, Get Free Petrol From TP

Singapore Traffic Police are rewarding drivers who display good behaviour on roads.

You don’t need to be rewarded for being courteous or having a decent attitude to other drivers, but a recent initiative has upped the ante and might perhaps change a few driving habits.

The programme has been in effect since October 2013 with 391 motorists being rewarded for their good road graces. Mr Lim was one of seven who was recently rewarded for his courtesy as he gave way to fellow motorist along Upp Changi Road yesterday morning.


Mr Lim was pulled over by Traffic Police, a puzzled and slightly anxious Mr Lim complied only to be rewarded for giving way to someone else who was trying to cut into his lane. “I thought I had done something wrong…but the Police saw me giving way to another driver and wanted to commend me” said a more relived Mr Lim.


He was rewarded with a mascot for road safety, a Zebra plush toy as well as $40 in petrol vouchers. Commended motorists also receive a certificate of conduct along with the two rewards.


Traffic Police officers keep a constant lookout for motorists who display considerate habits along with those who fail to obey laws. So why not drive safely, signal early and give way to fellow motorists, you might just be rewarded with some free petrol.


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