Filipino Cries “Hacked”, Are We Buying It?

Edz Ello as he is known on social media site Facebook made waves for his negative comments on Singapore.

The Filipino, a nurse from Tan Tock Seng Hospital allegedly posted comments that were negative and sparked a frenzy amongst Singaporeans online. The man in question quickly deactivated his account or changed his profile handle as links to his facebook account are no long accessible.


His comments were circulated and netizens quickly dug up as much information about him, finding out where he works and sending concerned letters about the safety of having someone with a seemingly deep hatred for Singaporeans in the healthcare profession. Tan Tock Seng Hospital responded by stating that they have spoken to the member of staff involved and learned that he had made a police report as his account had been hacked and it wasn’t him who had made all those comments.


Netizens were far from please with the response and dug up more incriminating evidence about Edz Ello, from his history of derogatory comments. It isn’t the first time the Filipino male nurse has made comments that have targeted a certain group of people. And if his account really had been hacked, why only report it now?



It seems pretty clear at this point of time that this person probably filed for a false police report and account wasn’t hacked. There seems to be a history of him acting our against groups and communities and it would be a poor choice for anyone, much less a Singaporean to entrust their life to a nurse such as him. Many have even viewed the move to get rid of Roy Ngerng and not Edz Ello as a political one after this fiasco.


Despite the incident Edz Ello doesn’t account for or speak for all Filipinos who live and work in Singapore. There are those who do not share the same sentiments as him. Although there has been noise from Filipinos online regarding this incident as seen on SubReddit r/Philippines.


It’s mixed feelings from different camps but it’s clear that there are some who feel the same way Edz Ello does but there are also many who are sensible and see things differently from him.


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