Gen Z workers: “Companies are not ready for us”

Only 53% of employees polled said their companies were ready to meet the needs of Generation Z workers, according to a Ranstad survey report.

Ms Jaya Dass, Associate Director at Ranstad Singapore said: “These findings are concerning. Now, more than ever, business leaders will need to adapt their talent management strategies to cover an incredibly diverse workforce, as they manage employees from their late teens to those about to hit retirement.”

66% indicated however, that these Gen Z workers (between 14 and 19 years of age) will be essential for driving innovation.

young educated

Ms Dass added that employers need to understand the unique characteristics of Generation Z, which is “typically associated with coveting greater work-life balance, increased workplace flexibility and more rapid advancement opportunities.”

68 per cent of current employees believe that these workers will be able to teach them a lot about the use of technology.

Ms Dass said: “Workers from mature generations may need additional time and more in-depth training before they are fully comfortable with using business technology platforms, and employer can engage the skills of Generation Z workers to provide mentorship to older workers.”





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