Government Ups Anti Corruption Practice

Prime Minister Lee is keen to preserve low corruption in Singapore public services by reviewing and further increasing manpower to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Board(CPIB).

Singapore can take pride in the fact that corruption has rarely been given it’s light of day, and take a stronghold as a practice in the public service sector, upholding herself as a zero tolerance state for corruption.


It is rarely heard that officers and senior officers have misappropriated or accepted illegal monies or services, thus preserving the nation as a “shining exception” in the world. The most recent and headlining incident of corruption happened when two senior officers from the Civil Defence and Central Narcotics Bureau accepted sexual favours in exchange for contracts, but were clamped down upon and investigated despite their official posts and ranking within the force.


Prime Minister Lee is adamant in not just the preservation of the integrity of those in public service but also in ensuring that corruption never finds the room to take root, stating that “Once it takes root, it is difficult to weed out”.

The CPIB is set to have it’s agency increase it’s manpower by 20 per cent in the future. A One-Stop Corruption Reporting Centre will also be set up for members of the public to report corrupt practices in a discreet fashion and more effective fashion. PM Lee has urged not just the CPIB to play it’s part but all Singaporeans to maintain integrity and to step forward in the light of corrupt practices along with a heritage centre to provide members of the public with better knowledge of the agency and its practices.


Systems will be kept up to date as technology advances with constant reviewing of procurement rules, appropriate approving authorities and spending limits. PM Lee has also urged all to stay resolved when cases of corruption surface and to not be demoralised but to seek to punish the culprits and remedy the weakness, maintaining the trust of the public.



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