Guess which MP is a shoe designer?


First we’ve got a social media savvy Prime Minister, next we’ve got Tan Chuan-Jin abseiling down a block of HDB flats, and now Minister Indranee Rajah is a shoe designer.

chuan jin


Designing for the SG50 Celebration Fund project named In Our Shoes, Minister Indranee designed a total of five pairs of women’s footwear, all with a local twist. Amongst the designs, one pair features the iconic Changi Control Tower as the heels of the shoes.



Other designs take inspiration from other Singaporean landmarks and traditions, such as the traditional Chinese wooden clog that the older generation used to wear, as well as the [email protected] flats.

The shoes will go on exhibition at the National Design Center from 8 January to 25 January. Apart from the shoes that Indranee designed, shoes designed by students based on their experiences and stories in Singapore will also be showcased.



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