Here’s a nerdier, 19 yr old Chan Chun Sing

…while most of us are busy chasing skirts, this fellow here was busy chasing distinctions. Those of you who bully him when you were in school, careful hor… he’s going to be in-charge of negotiating for your work related welfare soon..





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  • When he was introduced as a candidate for the Tanjong Pagar GRC, he was ridiculed and lambasted in the social media. The posters made all sorts of unfounded and down-right cruel allegations against him. They alleged he was related to our former MM Lee K Y and cited cronyism and preference in his selection as a PAP candidate. Even when he came out to rubbish their claims with the facts,not one of the keyboard warriors had the guts and honesty to apologize for or retract their scandalous allegations. Enough said about the transparency and accountability they were waging a battle for.

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