Hougangers, Paya Lebanese and Farrer Parkers…

You’ve probably heard of Sydneysiders and Melbournians being used to describe people living in Sydney and well, Melbourne. In Singapore, you’re probably no stranger to the term Punggolite if you’re a resident of Ponggol or Bishan-ian if you live in Bishan. But what about the rest of us living on this sunny island? We deserve cool (subjective) names-based-on-where-we-live too! So here we’ve tried to identify a list of possible names for residents living in these areas.




If you live in Yishun, you’re probably called an Yishunite. Fairly straightforward.



If you live in Serangoon, Serangooner?



If you live in Hougang, probably Houganger?



Probably Holland Villager hahaha.


But wait! It slowly gets complicated…



I think it would be cool if Marymount residents were called Marymounties.



I would LOVE IT if they were called Ang Mo Kias.




Paya… Lebanese?



Are they called… Little Indians?




Are you a BUANGKOK-ER?



But I think no one can beat being called a…

Farrer Parker.


And last but not least, there is at least one place where we differentiate between female and male residents.



Ah Tampines…. Where girls are called Tampons and boys are called, Tampenis.




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