What jobs are hardest to fill in Singapore?


The latest data released from the Manpower Ministry has said that the number of job vacancies has had an 8.9% increase to 67,400 as of September 2014.

In that same report, it highlighted which were the hardest positions to fill by locals, here they are:


1. Nurses



2. Shop sales assistants




3. Web and multimedia developers




4. Security officers




5. Waiters


(ok I know he’s not exactly a waiter, but hey…the Swedish chef has character!)


MOM mentioned that the proportion of vacancies unfilled for at least six months (41%) and those hard to fill by locals (67%) remained broadly unchanged from a year ago.

So what exactly is the issue here? Why aren’t Singaporeans taking on these jobs, and as a result allowing foreign workers to fill these jobs?

Oh yes – salary. Everyone’s got a price, so you just need to pay enough. But hor – can you really pay a waiter $10k for a month’s work? Before you say no, think about how the waiter can add value to his job so much so that the employer can’t do without him/her. Maybe it’s selling skills in bringing in more customers? Maybe it’s doing 5 waiters jobs for the price of one?

Come on employers, think about how you can increase wages progressively – partner up with your employees and see them as real people who can bring real value. Maybe that way, you’ll see these positions filled up faster than you can hire!





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