Malaysian Airlines Taken Down

The official website for Malaysian Airlines has been taken down after being hacked into.

The website has gone offline after hackers had broken into the domain and redirected users to a hacked website whenever is entered into the URL.

At about 9am the website was replaced with an image of an aircraft in flight with a tagline “404-Plane Not Found” followed by “Hacked by cybercaliphate”. Anonymous hacker collective known as Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the hacking having posted on to their twitter account @lizardmafia at 8:39am to state that they were going to “dump some loot found on servers soon”.


Malaysia Airlines has since redirected their customers who were looking to make flight bookings to a different URL link which they shared with on their on twitter accounts.

Later on in the day, the plane image was replaced with that of a lizard in a top hat along with the same tags, “404-Plane Not Found”, “Hacked by Lizard Squad”.


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